How n8n helped me to learn new word every single day

From long time, I wanted to learn a new English word every single day.

But I’m not big fan of reading books :joy: or going through dictionary every single day.

So with n8n I built a Telegram Channel where I and other members will get a new word every single day at 8AM IST (GMT +05:30)

It also post in Twitter.

Here is the image of simple workflow which I have built.

Also, Here is the message.


Doing this from 14th September 2020. My Intention is not to monetise this telegram channel. Because may be It can be helpful for someone.

I have disabled the New Random word functionality due to maintenance. So you won’t get any reply from bot.

Here is the Channel link if you want to join :heart:

Thanks to n8n for helping to me build this awesome thing which can be helpful for someone.

Much Love from Tamil Nadu, India :heart: :tada:

Edit: I got so many request for API. So I Open-Sourced it.


This is great! I love the idea!

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I got so many request for API after this tweet by n8n team.

So I Open Sourced the Project.


This is amazing!

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Really cool! Thanks a lot @mcnaveen!

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