How to add fields to node

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I have a relatively simple question. I’m trying to send information to using the node but noticed it was missing some fields.

How can I add additional fields to the output? (I’ve looked into using JavaScript expressions, but I wasn’t able to find any information on how to send input data to output.)

Some dummy data on the left, but I’d like to send a “Ticket” field to, which isn’t available on this node.

I’ve found the solution. After clicking Add Field, another field called Column Values appears. Here, it follows the API regarding column values.

To find the column id, see the guide.

This question could be more aptly named “How to use the Column Values field on the node.”

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Hi @nntcao, welcome to the community :tada:

Glad to hear you figured it out, thanks for sharing your solution :slight_smile:

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