How to add multiple items to Trello Checklist

I am trying to better understand the Trello node and have a question about adding multiple items to a checklist. I have the current flow that uses dummy data to create a Card, get the Card ID, add a checklist and then add items to that checklist:

The issue is however that it only runs for the first item and not all of them. I figured that it would run for both items (name: 1 First Item and name: 2 Second item) but this isn’t the case. Any guidance anyone can offer would be much appreciated.

Built my use case entirely in Zapier in a couple minutes but I would prefer to understand how I can do the same in n8n.

Hi @Colin_Cameron, it seems your example workflow doesn’t include example data to let it run. I’ve thus created the below workflow to test this behaviour and was able to reproduce the problem:

The relevant operation of the Trello node only runs for the first item it receives which seems like a bug to me. I’ll add this to our engineering backlog for a closer look.

As a workaround you could consider splitting the incoming items into batches of 1, then run the Trello node for reach batch. Like so:

This approach creates multiple checklist items as expected:

Hope this helps!

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