How to add templates automatically while creating a list or updating it in clickup

I want to know if there is any process in which we can create a list on the clickup using a pre define template in N8N. As we have tried that and we don’t get any option for selecting a template ID when creating a list on clickup using N8N. Please help us in finding this option when creating a list. Without the template the list is getting created . Thanks for the help



Hey @Rajiv,

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When you say making a template for the list is that for the Team Name / ID option? If you swap to an expression you can enter the ID but you would need something to link it to it it is coming from the webhook you could directly use that but I suspect there is more to it.

I am not sure why your team name is not being auto populated though I have just used my test clickup account and it appears to be working as expected for me, Does the API key / user have access to the teams and projects you are trying to work with?

Hello, first of all let me clear your doubts, I am using a paid account will all the highest privilege’s for the click up now the API is also well connected. The Team Name / ID is a option and it is also coming and I have used the expression to pass the data that is not the problem, all things are good with this but I can’t user template option to select befour creating the list . I need to create a list with a predefine template . Check this below image this is form zapier and they give this option .

Thanks for the help.

Hey @Rajiv,

In that case at the moment that is not something we have and to be honest I don’t know how the Zapier template actually works to suggest a workaround for it.

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