How to automate Stripe to Web3 smart contracts?

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Either Workflow would work

Method 1:

-Get payment from user through Stripe
-Notify smart contract that purchase has been occurred
-Transfer NFT to wallet address holder
-Per any event (pausing/cancelling) subscription on Stripe notifies smart contract to pause (using Open Zeppelin autotask)

^ Given smart contract hooks are setup and you can get an API from them, how to call them in n8n? Or is there a custom smart contract node?

Method 2:
-Get payment from user through Unlock Protocol
-Get API from Unlock protocol to create private Notion page and add user

^How to use Unlock protocol API in n8n?

Hi @pooria, from looking at that Unlock protocol link you have shared as your Method 2 it seems they support webhooks: Locksmith Webhooks | Unlock Protocol. So, you might be able to utilize these to start your n8n workflow via a Webhook node.