How to Backup my workflow in GitHub While using the cloud version of N8N


I am trying to create a workflow which automatically backup all my existing workflows on git. I came across this sample workflow ( to use it as a reference. When I am making an HTTP call to retrieve my workflow or their IDs I am getting the complete HTML response of that webpage. How can I fetch all the IDs of my active/inactive workflows and get the JS of all the workflow in cloud version.

Hi @Mustafa_Ali, the API used by this workflow is unfortunately not accessible in instances I am afraid (though I have added this as a possible improvement to our product team’s list). So downloading the JSON representation of for your workflows would currently only be possible through the UI on


We do however take daily backups for every cloud instance for cloud users and keep them for two weeks. In case you need us to recover such a backup, just reach out at any time.

Okay thanks @MutedJam . I will let you know if I need anything in future.

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