How to build HTTP Request workarounds, if a connector doesn't exists for an API?


I’ve tried the SuiteCRM community nodes, but they seem to be for the last version of the CRM system.

Now I’ve thought, basically, it’s ‘just’ HTTP requests which I can do with Postman, Python etc. as well.
How would I do OAuth and API requests without using a connector?

It would be like a workaround, but maybe it can be done.
And does anyone know of an example out there?

Hey @Chris7935, n8n has built-in support for OAuth2 authentication and n8n’s HTTP Request node can import curl requests. Simply select “Generic Credential Type” in the Authentication field and “OAuth2 API” in the Generic Auth Type field, then enter the required details on the credentials screen. The exact values required for a successful OAuth2 authentication can usually be found in the respective API documentation.

If you have the request itself working in Postman, you can export it from there using the curl format, then use the Import cURL button in n8n’s HTTP Request node to import it:

Importing something simple like curl for example would result in a node like this:

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

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Wondering how it could be possible to use the HTTP node to post to Bluesky
this script has all the building blocks but I’m wondering how to split this in steps in the context of N8N

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