How to call error workflow to send error message by email?

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how can i use stop and error node to stop when error and call error workflow

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Hi @Seif, you’d simply configure an error workflow (this can be any workflow including the error trigger node) in the workflow settings of your main workflow. Whenever your main workflow hits an error, the error workflow would then run and can send out an email with the content you define.

The blog post at Creating error workflows in n8n – n8n Blog explains the concept. It uses Mattermost and Twilio nodes to send out error details, but you can of course an email node instead.

Hi @MutedJam ,

Thanks for your guidance on configuring the error workflow. I followed all the steps you mentioned, including setting up the error trigger node in the workflow settings of my main workflow. However, I’m encountering an issue where the error workflow doesn’t seem to be triggered when there’s an error in the main workflow.

I referred to the blog post you shared, “Creating error workflows in n8n,” and followed the example that used Mattermost and Twilio nodes to send error details. In my case, I’m aiming to use an email node to send out error notifications.

I’ve rechecked my configurations, but I’m still facing the same problem. The main workflow errors are not triggering the error workflow as expected. Is there something specific I might be missing or any additional troubleshooting steps I should take to resolve this issue?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Error workflow:

Hi @Seif, I am very sorry. Which error exactly are you seeing on which node? And does your error workflow not run at all or is it simply not sending out an email?

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