How to call RSS feed reader for every item in input list of URLs?

Describe the question

to feed a download manager I am trying to get items from various RSS feeds.
For this I query a mysql table with the URLs and pass those URLs as input to the RSS reader.

The Problem is, that the RSS node seems to only processes the first URL but not all URLs from the input list.

In the example I get 7 URLs but it processes only the 15 items from the 1st URL (checked by logging all processed items into a mysql db).
From my understanding it should process the 15 items of the first feed and then go to the next feed.

How do I get it to process all items from all 7 URLs?

Please share the workflow

  • the flow is executed every 2 hours
  • “Run once” is NOT set on the RSS reader.
  • IF checks if an rss entry is from within the last 2 hours

Share the output returned by the last node

Nothing, because I currently have no entries from within the last 2 hours :wink: But will be “200” if the web request succeeds.

Information on your n8n setup

  • 0.201.0
  • via docker

Final solution

As mentioned in the template the solution is a Batch node with size 1 and an additional connection from rss output to batch input.

Have you looked at this: Read RSS feed from two different sources | n8n workflow template

Thank you!
Forgot to have a look at the templates. There is a lot of cool stuff in there.

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