How to change icon for my custom node?

Hi N8N Team,
In the icon i have added botstatus.svg

export class GetBotStatus implements INodeType {
description: INodeTypeDescription = {
displayName: ‘GetBotStatus’,
name: ‘GetBotStatus’,
icon: ‘file:botstatus.svg’,
group: [‘transform’],}

In botstatus.svg i have added

But i can’t able to see the icon in my node. Give me any example of how to show the icon on the node.

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I have copied the uptimerobot node’s svg and using , but the icon is not appearing in my custom node

Hey @praveen,

Assuming your SVG file is valid you might just need to rebuild and clear your browsers cache.

Carefully of Case of the name, be sure the file is in right place …
and the dimensions : 60px x 60 px