How to check if one datasource contain any of the other datasource?

I want to monitor a rss source whether a new item contains the keywords from MySQL data table.

When I set the workflow like the screenshot, I got a problem.

for example, the RSS source contains 20 items, and the MySQL data table contains 4 keywords。the workflow only checks the first 4 items in RSS source, rss.item[0] → mysql. Item[0], not all the MySQL data table items.

When I changed the step for MySQL and rss, MySQL after rss or rss after Mysql, I didn’t get it resolved.

I am new for this, please help.

Hey @hoky,

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

There are a couple of possible solutions to this one, I think what I would start with is going from the MySQL node to a Split in batches node then run 4 loops that calls the RSS Feed then do the checks. You could also use a code node if you wanted to play with a bit of javascript.

Thank you for your reply.

I have tried this, but got a problem.

The “Slip In Batches RSS” only run once, But the run log shows that “RSS Feed Read” input “40 items total”。

I want to know why the “Slipt In Batches RSS” only run once.

Hey @hoky,

Loops in loops can sometimes cause problems if not all items go back to the loop. Looking at that now I suspect there is probably a better way to handle it, Can you share the output of the MySQL node?

Thank you Jon.

After I set a reset in the “Split In Batches RSS” option, the problem got solved.


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