How to combine data from different sheets with replacement of column names on the fly?

I need help, I haven’t figured it out on my own.
There are several Google Sheets, each containing the same set of UUID strings, but a different set of data with the same column names. There is also a separate set of rules for matching column names with the final name to be combined into one table.
And so, the task is as follows:
Take all the sheets, replace the column names, and mix into one large sheet.
How can I do that?
Example columns structure:

As I understand it, an identifier is needed for each row of the tables, which indicates that it belongs to a particular data structure, but I can not in any way merge the identifier of the first table with the data of the first table, the identifier of the second table with the data of the second table, except for using the splitInbatches node. then several executions are formed, which at the output are not one data set, but table1-dataset1, table2-dataset2, etc. remain.
Next, I want to send this data one by one through the http request node.

Is there a solution to my problem inside n8n?

Hey @Roket!

Do you want to merge data from different sheets, and add them to a new Google Sheet? If yes, does this sheet contain values for the same object. For example, a sheet might contain a user’s email, name, etc. while another sheet might contain their order information. In such a case, I will use the user ID to combine these data using the Merge node and append the to a Google Sheet node.

Hey harshil1712!
This is my old problem (.

Now I have transformed the wolflow a little, but the task is the same.

I want to collect one large one from several tables, but the problem is that the tables have the same column names, so I’m trying to apply rename the column names on the fly, so that data from different tables can be merged together.

harshil1712, Did you manage to get acquainted with the task in more detail?
Have any ideas for my task? Am I thinking in the right direction? Is it possible to implement it in n8n?

Hey @Roket!

Can you send me your workflow so that I can replicate your issue? Also, can you share the Google Sheet you are using? Feel free to send any sensitive data via direct message :slightly_smiling_face:

Sent a direct message.