How to configure the get cards list node in Trello (last added card)

Hello everyone.

Is there a way to configure the get cards list node?

I am running into some trouble when a card is added to a list, sometimes (it looks like it depends on the card creation date), the get cards list does not get the last card added to it.
It just gets the newest card by creation date in the list and gives that information

Hey @suardim,

Thanks for creating the new post.

It looks like you are telling Trello to just return one card, If the trigger returns a card ID you could pass that ID to the Card > Get operation which might work.

Is the last added card not the card with the newest creation date anyway?

Is the last added card not the card with the newest creation date anyway?
Sometimes, but not always.

The input works just fine, the output is the problem.
The trigger returns the card ID, but it’s not a column… How can I pass that info to the next node?

Using the expression {{$json[“action”][“data”][“card”][“id”]}} I’m able to get the card ID, but how I can pass that along?

I think I worked it out,

I don’t know if its the into the best practices… but I skipped the get cards list and used just the get card node with the funcion Card By ID {{$node[“Trello Trigger”].json[“action”][“data”][“card”][“id”]}} and it works.


Hey @suardim,

That is exactly what I meant :slight_smile: Nice to see you have worked it out.

@suardim for next time, you can also map data that is inside a column in table view. So in your screenshot, if you hovered on the “id” (nested inside “card”) your cursor will change to open hand, and you can drag and drop that to map data, just like you do with top level columns.

If you have any feedback for that pattern, please do let me know. We are aware that it’s not very discoverable atm and looking to improve that.

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Yeah, I found out about it today when hovering, exactly as you said.

My knowlodge in programming and APIs is almost 0, lol.
I’m happy that I’m actually doing something with it even knowing almost nothing.

Very happy to discover n8n.

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Very glad to hear that! I can say from my own journey as a script kiddie to being able to build seriously cool stuff with n8n - you’re in the right place! We’ve got a really cool supportive community here.

With a little bit of code basics, it’s truly wild to me still what people can achieve in n8n once they’ve got the basics down.

So welcome and looking forward to seeing you on here in the community as you build out your flows :slight_smile: :metal: