How to configure the Phantombuster api call with a Linkedin workflow


I want to run a Phantom from Phantombuster related to Linkedin and they expect an sessionCookie parameter.

How can I add this variable in the N8N node?
Here is the error I receive from Phantombuster:

:information_source: Argument:
:x: Error: the Phantom argument is invalid:

  • sessionCookie => is required
  • Process finished with an error (exit code: 1) (Thu Dec 23 2021 13:15:43 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time))

Where should I paste the cookie in N8N node?


Hi @Ninotna, welcome to the community!

When using the Launch operation of the Phantombuster node, you could pass on arguments to Phantombuster by adding a new field to the n8n node:

If you’re not sure which arguments your Phantom uses, you can use the Get operation which will return a list of arguments:

The example Phantom “LinkedIn Companies Info” for example would require sessionCookie and spreadsheetUrl and would then complete as expected:

Hello @MutedJam thank you for your help.

Now that I add an argument as you recommend, I am getting another error:

:x: Error: the Phantom argument is invalid:

  • data => no (or more than one) schemas match
  • Process finished with an error (exit code: 1) (Thu Dec 23 2021 15:07:34 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time))

Have you ever met this one?


Yes, I actually got this a few times when I tried using the PhantomBuster node before I figured out the right arguments.

This error seems to suggest there might still be data missing (or is malformatted). Which Phantom exactly are you trying to use and which settings are you using (you can blur out the actual values, I just want to see the fields you are sending)?

I have the same error whatever the Phantombuster I am running with n8n.

Thank for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @Ninotna, for the “LinkedIn Companies Info” phantom , have you tried setting both sessionCookie and spreadsheetUrl? Despite the name, spreadsheet URL can point to an individual company, for example

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