How to connect with deliveroo in n8n

Can you please share the flow how to connect with deliveroo?

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We don’t have an example for this, Can you share what it is you want to do and what you have already tried?

hi, I am new to n8n. basically i wanted to upload menu from my website to Deliveroo(app - its a food delivery) and get back response and if customer place an order, we come to know… its like a mediator between our site and food delivery apps. So i am confused which nodes i have to use and how to start?

Hey @Shivaani_G_Soni,

You would need to use the HTTP Request node to make the API calls based on the information provided in Deliveroos API docs.

Authentication: Authentication
Upload a Menu: Upload menu

To get notifications on orders you would need to create a webhook in the Deliveroo platform and give it the URL of a webhook node.

Order Events API: Order Events Webhook Callback

Hopefully this helps you get started.

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Thank you so much

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