How to create a custom node which has a waiting function but not prevent the workflow execute

I want to create a custom node. The custom node should have these functions:
1、the node can return some waiting-webhooks, but It don’t prevent the workflow execute
2、when the external request waiting-webhooks, the node can receive the data from waiting-webhooks.

Hey @vanessa, so essentially want to write something like the Wait node yourself? You might want to take a look at its source code then: It’s available here:

Yes, I referred some codes from Wait node , but I don’t want to prevent the workflow go ahead

Tbh, this is very much beyond my abilities and knowledge and I’m not sure if this is possible at all.

You would typically use two different workflows for the scenario, the second one with a webhook trigger node waiting for whatever request you are expecting (though it wouldn’t have an individual URL, so you’d need to hand over data for example in the request body rather than through the URL).

Maybe @RicardoE105 can help with this (seeing he has probably built more nodes than anyone else)?

That is currently sadly not possible. The wait functionality does simply not work that way at all.

Can you please describe what exactly you have planned and why?

I want to create a custom node like this:

It can config the many items (like close door one), when the external clicks close door one, the custom node make a record, util its quantity of record matches the config items’s length(like the picture , is three), the custom node can send a message to the workflow or send a http request to the data server to save the achievement.

The reason why I want to do this is that I had create a workflow with too many Execute Workflow node, and the Execute Workflow node has its Execute Workflow node, the workflow is so complicated, and I want to simply it by making the Execute Workflow node to custom node