How to create a excerpt for a wordpress post?

Is this done via Http-Request?

Thank you.

Hi @ManyQuestions
yes to create/update the excerpt of a post you need to query the WP APIs with the HTTP Request node.

You need to use the endpoint:
POST /wp/v2/posts/<id>
passing the excerpt value

More info here: Posts | REST API Handbook | WordPress Developer Resources

Let me know if this helps and you need more support


Thx for the reply. The credentials and the Post ID are ok, but for some reason, I am still getting the Error: ERROR: Authorization failed - please check your credentials

{“code”:“rest_authentication_error”,“message”:“Sorry, you do not have permission to make REST API requests.”,“data”:{“status”:401}}

Hi @ManyQuestions
are you using an “Application Password” for your credentials?

Some links:

Let me know if that helps
All the best

Yes i use application password. It’s working when i want to create a new post, via the wordpress node. Is there anything i need to do different with the authentication using https modes?

Hi @ManyQuestions,
here’s how I configured the HTTP Request Node to make it work:

And this is how I configured the credentials:

Let me know if this helps


That’s working. Thx alot!

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