How to Create random password?

i went to create randompassword
Numbers (0-9)
Uppercase (ABC)
Symbols (!@#$%^&*()+)
Exclude Similar (iI1loO0)
Lowercase (abc)

Hi @Panupol_Sonnuam!

You could use a Crypto node to generate a long ASCII string, and then use a set node with a regular expression to remove all the characters you don’t want.

Take a peek at this workflow:

That regular expression should filter out all the characters you don’t want, but you might need to fine-tune it yourself if it’s not giving you what you need.

Hope that helps!


This’s working do you know how to cut “iI1loO0” by code

you can generate your random password yourself first your password have capital or small letter and use numder symbols on your password it will create a strong password

Do you mean Manual?
I have a lot data

You could do another round of .replace() for those characters specifically - .replace(/[iI1loO0]/gm, '') would be what you’re looking for.

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