How to debug weird failed (part 2)?


Happy new year for every one.

This post is a follow up of this one : How to debug weird failed?

I have a workflow to retrieve logs and analyse.

But now… I dont now what I have to check.

Can you help ?


Hey @JulienDelRio,

I can’t remember what I was originally thinking on that one so lets go from the top again… When you see the error in the exucution list what does the workflow execution look like?

When it comes to the log the bit we are most interested in is the n8n log output not the event log that your workflow is checking although that is a pretty neat workflow you have created.

Are you still on the older version of n8n or have you updated since then?


Here an example of an execution… all nodes are :heavy_check_mark:

We are on 1.4.0.

Our adminstrator should increase the version in the next days to the last one. I wait ?

Hey @JulienDelRio

That is interesting it doesn’t look like there is an error at all there, Does the execution log show the workflow as having an error? It could be that an upgrade will fix it as I have not seen a lot of reports of this happening.

There is no error in the logs. The workflow is set to trigger an error workflow in case of an error… but not triggered.
I had a real error in the past week with the trigger error working.

It’s really weird…

My collegue didn’t have time for now to update the server :frowning:

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We updated the server and the workflow is now “succeeded”.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


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