How to delete keys == null

Hello, I am trying to remove the values equal to null on my json. Despite the many solutions proposed on the different forums there is no solution on n8n. Here is the code I found. I tried to adapt it but it does not work. I want to specify that I am in a function items.

Hi @simon_Piquemal

You were almost there. Just need to define the key you are checking. This can be done by looping the keys.

for (const key in item) {  
    delete item[key];
return item;
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fanstastic, it works
thank you @BramKn

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and on a more classical function?
I tested on a classic function with For each with an example of incrementing a value that works well but to override the null value nothing happens.

Hey @simon_Piquemal,

On a normal function node as it runs for all items you would probably need to use item.json otherwise it will just do one loop.

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correct thank you very much works well now