How to do nested loops?

Hi there, can someone show me how to build nested loops in N8N? In this example, I need to query Airtable to:

-get all “Bases”
-For Each “Base”, get the schema and get all rows.
-For each row, perform an Api call and update the Airtable row with the output from the API call.

V 1.1.1 running on docker

I tried multiple variations of this, including breaking this into a parent and child workflow which I also couldn’t get to cycle through all the items, but this was my initial guess at how it would behave which doesn’t work, as the inner loop (“for each row, call API and update Airtable”) only runs in the 1st iteration.

(Not sure why icons are not rendering properly, so here is as an image.)

Hey @RobPt,

That looks like it should work, What does the execution log look like for that?

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