How to do scalabilty in n8n while active and running multiple n8n workflow?

Hi Team,

I have general qustion in n8n.

1.How to do scalability in n8n while active and running multiple n8n workflow ?
2.Is there any problem while receiving lots of request in n8n with lots of workflow in active state ?
3.What is the performance at that time ?
4.How to do Scalability in n8n ?

Can any one tell me the solution of those.

Thanks in Advance.


Hey @rajesh-kumar,

You can find the instructions on scaling n8n here: Scaling n8n | Docs

We also have a live stream recording explaining how it works: How to scale your n8n instance πŸ—» - YouTube

Though they don’t answer all your questions, these resources are a good starting point.

Hey @harshil1712

Ok , Thanks a lot. If any doubts on this. let you know

Thanks Again.

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