How to download multiple attachments with Airtable node?

I am trying to use the Airtable node’s List operation to get a record and download the attachments. I’m able to download a single attachment, but when I specify a second one, it doesn’t get fetched.

The tool tip recommends “Name of the fields of type ‘attachment’ that should be downloaded. Multiple ones can be defined separated by comma. Case sensitive.”, but that doesn’t seem to be working.

I’m using a comma to separate the column names. Each column name is separated by spaces. See example below.

Document 1, Document 2

That is quite weird, just tested it and it’s working just fine.

In case someone else is facing this issue. The parameter “download fields” cannot have spaces after the commas.

:white_check_mark: Document 1,Document 2
:x: Document 1, Document 2