How to download this Zip file

Hello, I need to download a zip file from a website that contains this link:

When I call this URL in the HTTP node, I get two errors – too many redirects and rejected. I also try to add the same Headers I see in Dev Tools > Network. I also try to specify that the response should be a file (via HTTP node options).

If I open the URL from a browser, I get the file.

But from n8n I just can’t get the file.
Thanks for the help!

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Hey @honzapav,

I have just given the same file a go with Curl and it looks like the site hits an error and keeps bouncing the request around. Copying the Curl request from the browser thought that includes all the headers does work and after some playing around it is the Cookie header which could be unique.

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Hi @Jon, could you please share your node or workflow? I copied the curl from the browser, but it still doesn’t work for me. I might be missing something.

cc: @vobis

Hey @honzapav,

I could but if I copied it along with all the headers it wouldn’t work as the unique id it generates seems to be different on every load.

You might need to get in touch with the people that run the site to see if they can provide a solution or api for you.

Hi @Jon – understands. Thanks for your time!

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