How to execute SSH command with dialogue

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I want to add a ssh command Note with Dialogue
example are git , I want to run git pull then input username password
I do understand I can save the usernanme and password on server but I do NOT want to do this way for safty reason.
I also understand you can write shell script , but same thing it store the username and password
(work around would be upload file execute and remove file)

therefore the Right way to do is : the Command should be git pull and then ???input username ??

I have tried with ; seems not work

What is the error message (if any)?

I have tried with ; seems not work
I have tried to add second command Note , still not working , it begin to execute new ssh command

and the toturial did Not explain this situatio also , can any one explain how it can be done

Hey @parceltube,

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Our nodes are designed to work non interactively so you would need to handle this in an external script, Assuming you are self hosting though you could keep your credentials in an encrypted vault and pull them from that in a script but the most common way to handle this would be to use SSH keys. You can create a key just for the server to talk to your git provider so if the key gets out the reach is limited.

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