How to extract the phone number, website and address from a google map url


Taking on a new workflow and quickly ran out of talent. I have a list of google map urls. I want to extract the phone number, website and physical address from the url (listing) and push the results to google sheet.

Unsure what nodes I need and how to configure them to search the html at the url and return the data I need.

Any somewhat layperson friendly suggestions? I am pretty good with n8n, les good with understanding working with HTML.

Hey @Robm,

Google Maps requires a javascript enabled browser to get the contents from it so if you were using the url in an http request node you wouldn’t be able to get the data you are after.

In this case you would need something like puppeteer, Phantombuster or browserless to get the data you are after. That being said do you have a url example so I can take a quick look to make sure?

Thanks @Jon

Here is a sample url

[type or paste code here](!4m7!3m6!1s0x1dcc5d92e4a7b03b:0xf281920a155c28b0!8m2!3d-33.9364934!4d18.4930999!16s%2Fg%2F11h_4shbjc!19sChIJO7Cn5JJdzB0RsChcFQqSgfI?authuser=0&hl=nl&rclk=1)

Your explanation explains why I got so little html from the page when I tried to extract it.

Hey @Robm,

That is one of the ones where you need a javascript enabled scraper sadly.

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