How to fill out a spreadsheet if you don't have a record in the google spreadsheet

Hello, I’m trying to fill in a line of the google spreadsheet through the data captured by the webhooks, that is, if the webhooks sends “name, email and phone”, I need to search the spreadsheet if it already has this registration and if it has the registration, it does not need to execute nothing, but if you don’t have this data in the worksheet, I need to fill in a new line in the worksheet with this data.

my problem is that when I try to search the data in the worksheet and it does not have it, I cannot continue to fill in the worksheet.

Hi @Caio_Santos, welcome to the community!

I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble, though I am not quite sure I fully understand. Are you expecting your execution to continue with the “false” branch instead of the “true” branch like in your screenshot?

If so, can you share the JSON data you are sending to your IF node and also share the IF node itself so I can get an idea of what’s happening?

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