How to filter Json returned from an HTTP Request?

Hello everybody! I really enjoyed subscribing to the N8n tool, but as I’m a beginner I have a question: how do I filter the json returned from an HTTP Request?
For example, I want it to return only elements whose names are “Eletrônicos” and “Informática” as shown in the attached image. I tried to use Funtions but I couldn’t run.

Can anybody help me? The intent is to filter the JSON and save to Firebase.

Thank you so much!!!

Hey @Oberdan_O_Fonseca,

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

Have you tried using an Item Lists node and setting it to “categories” that would then split up each category into an item so your table would show id, name, hasOffer and link.


Thank you so much, Jon! I will try to do it this way.

But a question: can I do this using javascript?
I’m wrong in the code :disappointed_relieved:

Hey @Oberdan_O_Fonseca,

You should be able to do it with javascript… It isn’t pretty but a quick solution would be something like the below.