How to get all the data from a Mysql in another node

When I use a MYSQL node, I receive the return of the query. IF the query has more than one line, I cannot put it in another node.

I would like to know how to print all the info from this query in another node, for example, in a body from a HTTP Post.

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  "nodes": [
      "parameters": {
        "datasource": 172,
        "databases": "DSRS",
        "operation": "executeQuery",
        "query": "=select * from PDTS where CPF='123123';\n"
      "name": "MySQL",
      "type": "n8n-nodes-base.mySql",
      "typeVersion": 1,
      "position": [
  "connections": {}

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Hi @Eduardo_Pasquotto, I hope you are having a good day thus far?

Unfortunately you didn’t share which version of n8n you are using, so I am not quite sure what exactly might not be working here.

I’ve copied your node into my own n8n instance running [email protected] and adjusted the query slightly to match my example table. When executing it, I am getting multiple items as expected:

I can then use these items in subsequent nodes. By default, most n8n nodes would run once for reach item they receive. So connecting this MySQL node to an HTTP Request node would result in 5 individual HTTP requests. This can be tested using services like for example:

These are the five requests arriving on the other end:

Is this what you had in mind?


Hi, its almost it.

I want to put all the mysql output in the body of the http and not send 5 requests, just one.

Is it possible ?

Yep, that’s possible too. You could for example use the Item Lists node in Concatenate Items mode to convert multiple items into a single item like so:

My example data would look like so on the receiving server:

Thanks again.

Unfortunately I dont have this node in the version N8N I have (I have N8N inside another solution I use).

I will try something with function :frowning:

Hi @Eduardo_Pasquotto, unfortunately you didn’t mention which version of n8n you are running on your original post. Seeing you mention the Function node, here’s a quick example of converting multiple items into one I’ve put together on [email protected]:

It moves all incoming items into a single item with a data field:

Hope this helps!


Perfect, it will help a lot.

Thanks for the help, you are the N8N Jedi.



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