How to get every rows of query

I check old topic already, but not one works.

the first node is MySQL query, it returns 3 rows, as array, and each row has 4 columns

a: 1,
b: 1,
c: 1,
d: 1
a: 2,
b: 2,
c: 2,
d: 2
a: 3,
b: 3,
c: 3,
d: 3

And next node is javascript code, I want to get COUNT OF ROWS, but failed:
Object.keys( items[0].json) is 4 but not 3;
Object.keys( $node[‘mysql’].json) is 4 but not 3;
items.length is 1;

BUT: I can get items by $item(2).$node['mysql'].json , it returns the last row.

I cannot get count of rows, how to get it ?

Welcome to the community @lc4t

Object.keys( items[0].json) is 4 but not 3;

With this, you are counting the number of properties that item 0 has. Since you have 4 properties a,b,c,d it returns 4.

items.length is 1;

Are you using a function item node? because if so, then it makes sense. The function item node is executed 1 time per item.

I cannot get count of rows, how to get it ?

What you need to do is add a function node (NOT a function item node) after the MySQL node, with the following node.

return [ { json: { count: items.length } } ]

Also, you can query the number of items directly in the database.

For example:

SELECT count(*) FROM ‘your_table’ WHERE ‘your_condition’

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thx, create a new function node after mysql node, [ { json: { count: items.length } } ] works.

but,if I modify function node code, to handle my data, the items.length returns always 1, I donnot know why.

Hey @lc4t,

You can save the value of items.length in a variable and then manipulate the items array.

what do you want the function node’s output to be exactly?