How to get rid off "\n\n\n" and organize a json response?

hello can you help get rid off this annoying breaks \n\n\n\n\n that are showing receiving an express response.and organize the JSON response this the code :

onst request = require("request-promise");
const express = require('express')
const cheerio = require("cheerio");
const app = express()
const PORT = 8888;

app.get('/td', async (req, res) => {
  const results = [];
  try {
    const result = await request.get("");

    const $ = cheerio.load(result);

    $("#table_stage_35295 > tbody > tr").each((index, element) => {
      if (index === 0) return true;
        const tds = $(element).find("td");
        const rank = $(tds[0]).text();
        const team = $(tds[1]).text();
        const points = $(tds[3]).text();
        const tableRow = { rank,
                          points };

  } catch (err) {

app.listen(PORT, () => console.log(`surver running on PORT ${PORT}`))

as you can see, that was the code and below you will find the json response:

[{"rank":"2","team":"\n                 CS Constantine\n                \n                            ","points":"29"},{"rank":"3","team":"\n                 JS Saoura\n                \n                            ","points":"23"},{"rank":"4","team":"\n                 ES Setif\n                \n                            ","points":"22"},{"rank":"5","team":"\n                 MC Alger\n                \n                            ","points":"22"},{"rank":"6","team":"\n                 USM Khenchela\n                \n                            ","points":"20"},{"rank":"7","team":"\n                 USM Alger\n                \n                            ","points":"19"},{"rank":"8","team":"\n                 RC Arbaa\n                \n                            ","points":"18"},{"rank":"9","team":"\n                 US Biskra\n                \n                            ","points":"17"},{"rank":"10","team":"\n                 NC Magra\n                \n                            ","points":"17"},{"rank":"11","team":"\n                 ASO Chlef\n                \n                            ","points":"17"},{"rank":"12","team":"\n                 MC El Bayadh\n                \n                            ","points":"16"},{"rank":"13","team":"\n                 MC Oran\n                \n                            ","points":"16"},{"rank":"14","team":"\n                 JS Kabylie\n                \n                            ","points":"12"},{"rank":"15","team":"\n                 Paradou AC\n                \n                            ","points":"12"},{"rank":"16","team":"\n                 Chelghoum\n                \n                            ","points":"1"}]

**what i want is ** to remove these \n\n\n\n and organize the response to be like this:

"rank": "2"
"team": "CS Constantine"
"points": "29"


maybe something like



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