How to get the current date and time in workflow

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How I can get the current Date and time? and change it into ISO 8601 date and time format.

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{{ $now }} I get the current Date and Time,

Mon Oct 23 2023 18:44:51 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

I want to convert it into


(ISO 8601 representation)

How It can be done in the workflow??


How to convert




Hi @Gouravdev :wave: You figured out you can use $now - but if you use {{$now.toISO()}} as an expression, you’ll convert it to ISO which will be the final format you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Hi @EmeraldHerald

Thanks for the reply but It’s not working

I need the output in this format


Ah, sorry! The quickest way to do this would probably be to add replace('+00:00', 'Z')}} at the end of your conversion. For me it would be {{$now.toISO().replace('+01:00', 'Z')}}, for example, and provides this:

Hi - I had to work between UTC and ISO8601 dates in a workflow, and the MomentJS library can actually handle this natively, I think what you want to use is DateTime.utc().toISO(). This will always work regardless of timezone, whereas search/replace will introduce an error if the server time is ever different from the one expected during workflow creation.

Here’s what that looks like given the current time for where I am:

$now(): Wed Oct 25 2023 13:41:13 GMT+1300 (New Zealand Daylight Time)
$now.toISO(): 2023-10-25T13:41:13.403+13:00
Datetime.utc().toISO(): 2023-10-25T00:41:13.403Z

MomentJS Docs for the above:


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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