How to get the latitude longitude data from an image

Hi All,

I’m trying to get the latitude and longitude information from an image using the javascript EXIF node module. Is any available node in n8n to extract the metadata from the picture?

Can anyone share ideas to achieve it n8n?

Hi @Siva_Nagarajan!

Unfortunately we really need some of the information in that template that was provided when you created the post in order to help you out further.

Are you self-hosting n8n? In essence, you’d need to:

  • Make sure the self-hosted n8n instance has access to the npm module in question (exact steps would be depending on how n8n is deployed)
  • Allow n8n to use the npm module via the NODE_FUNCTION_ALLOW_EXTERNAL environment variable
  • Require the module in the code node

I’m admittedly not familiar with this particular module, but that should help get you up and running.

If you’re using Docker, step one would look like this, but instead of installing the pdf merge that @jan is mentioning, you’d install your module instead.


The default n8n Docker image also comes with Graphicsmagick (npm module gm) installed. So you could try to use that one:

And so avoid a custom image.


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