How to get to the webhook node via <Code>?

Previously, the node followed the webhook and the received data was converted to the format I needed… now I need to change the location of the node… but in this case, I don’t know how to get to the webhook node to get data from it

const result = []
for (const item of $input.all()) {
  const photo_arr = JSON.parse(item.json.body.tg_all_photo_massiv)
  for (const photo of {
      json: {
        url: photo
return result;

tg_all_photo_massiv:{“status”: true, “photo”: [“”, “”], “kolvo”: 2}

I am having the same issue. In earlier versions, you could pin a json which made all so much easier to test.

I’ve solved it by detaching the Webhook node (detach it) and replace it with a Code node exporting the sample data.

Then when I am happy with the flow, I activate and attach the Webhook node.

This bug is reported to @Jon

tg_all_photo_massiv - data gets here dynamically (((

Hey @Farid_Farkhadov,

Is the webhook node directly before the code node or is it a couple of nodes back?

Hi… Jon! a few nodes ago

Hey @Farid_Farkhadov,

You will want the options here: Built in methods and variables reference - n8n Documentation the workflow below shows a way you can use the output data of a previous node using the name.

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