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I’m having trouble getting this Whatsapp Business cloud workflow to trigger when I send a message to Whatsapp (the first two steps in the workflow). The trigger fires correctly when I first setup the webhook in Meta, but then when I try to send test messages, the webhook trigger won’t fire.

What is the error message (if any)?

It just stays stuck in “Waiting for trigger event”.

When I first put in the webhook callback URL into the webhook config area in Meta for Developers, it fires correctly:

But then, when I subscribe to messages in Meta For Developers, execute the workflow in n8n, and try to send a message (either from my own phone or from the test server message in Meta), the workflow just stays waiting for a trigger event:

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Hi @Mr.caribou, are you using the production webhook URL for your Meta/WhatsApp webhook? You wouldn’t see production data live on the canvas, instead you’d need to 1. make sure you store execution data in the first place for your workflow and 2. open your past executions through the execution list in order to view all details.

Hi @MutedJam , I’m using the test URL version of webhook

Bumping just in case anyone sees this and has a solution.

Can you try enabling your workflow and switch to the production URL to verify whether the issues persists? Such production executions would run in the background, so make sure to check the execution list afterwards.

If this problem persists, can you confirm which version of n8n exactly you have in use and how it’s deployed (in particular I’d like to understand if there are any additional components sitting between n8n and your browser, like a reverse proxy).

I’m using the cloud version 1.1.1 of n8n, browser I’m using is chrome, Version 115.0.5790.170 (Official Build) (arm64)

Here are the steps I just did (still not working):

  1. I switched to production URL, went live, reconnected that webhook URL with Meta API (this fires the execution correctly while workflow is active/live, it says failed but that’s because recipient phone # is not in the contacts list, but either way the webhook trigger fired):

  2. I clean the executions area, and with the workflow live, I go to Meta API Webhook and send a test message directly to the server:

  3. I check for new executions in n8n workflow, but nothing:

  4. I try sending a test message from my personal whatsapp to the test business whatsapp, again, nothing.

This is the current workflow:

Just an update for anyone interested - I never got a solution to this, even after having my dev take a look… so I ended up trying to build the same workflow on a competitor’s platform.

Got the entire workflow up and running there in about 2-3 hours.

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