How to get WordPress user password?

How can I get the user password in Wordpress? You can search for various data, including the username, but now I need the password, you know how I can do it?

"id": 22,
"username": "teste.martins",
"name": "Teste Martins",
"first_name": "Teste",
"last_name": "Martins",
"email": "[email protected]",
"url": "",
"description": "",
"link": "",
"locale": "pt_BR",
"nickname": "teste.martins",
"slug": "teste-martins",
"roles": [
"registered_date": "2021-02-17T20:17:56+00:00",
"capabilities": {
"read": true,
"customer": true
"extra_capabilities": {
"customer": true
"avatar_urls": {
"24": "",
"48": "",
"96": ""
"meta": [
"woocommerce_meta": {
"activity_panel_inbox_last_read": "",
"activity_panel_reviews_last_read": "",
"categories_report_columns": "",
"coupons_report_columns": "",
"customers_report_columns": "",
"orders_report_columns": "",
"products_report_columns": "",
"revenue_report_columns": "",
"taxes_report_columns": "",
"variations_report_columns": "",
"dashboard_sections": "",
"dashboard_chart_type": "",
"dashboard_chart_interval": "",
"dashboard_leaderboard_rows": "",
"homepage_layout": "",
"homepage_stats": "",
"task_list_tracked_started_tasks": "",
"help_panel_highlight_shown": "",
"android_app_banner_dismissed": ""
"_links": {
"self": [
"href": ""
"collection": [
"href": ""

Welcome to the community @Ikaro_Souza!

Sounds honestly more like a question for the WordPress forum than the n8n one. But have honestly not much hope there either, as I can not think of many APIs which actually return the password of a user.
One reason would be for security reasons and the other that it is technically normally not possible as password do normally not get saved in clear text, rather hashed. So even if they wanted to return the password they could not. Do not know much about WordPress but can not imagine that they store the password in clear text.


I can tell you right away that it’s not possible. First off all, the password isn’t stored in cleartext - rather it’s hashed (see wp_hash_password which is used when saving the user’s password). That means that even if you can access the underlying database, you won’t find the password as it was entered by the user.

However, what you can do is verify that the hash is valid and by extension that the password supplied is the right one. Wordpress uses a library called PHPass and there are many ways you can accomplish the hash verification - check out wordpress-hash-node for example. Good luck!

I do not think that field comes in the API response fo security reasons.