How to got credential in mysql?

Help me please, i can’t connect mySQL with N8N because iam confuse how to got credential in MYSQL

anyone can show me the tutorial??

Hey @Raffihisyam,

Welcome to the community :cake:

If you open the MySQL node in n8n it will ask you to select the credentials to use, If you click on that list there will be a create new option and it will ask you for information about your MySQL server. Once this is done you should be good to go.

okay thank
i’ll try it

Any one know, why it is and what can i do? how to fix it?
already 2 day i have this error.

Hey @Raffihisyam,

That error is coming back from MySQL and it saying that root can’t log in with no password. As a quick test if I take a user and remove the password from the credential I get the same error.

As soon as I add the password for the user all is good and I can log in.

As you are using Desktop I don’t think you will have the credential testing at the moment so it is more of a manual process but I would start by making sure you are using a password for the root user and see if that works.

It may also be worth making a new MySQL user to see if that changes anything.