How to hyphenate text in image edit node (or text-wrap?)

Hello again!

Hopefully somebody can help me stop pulling my hairs lol…

I have an image and I am adding text - so far so good. However, if the words are too long it just goes past the border of the image. Is there someway I can hypenate text? Or at least cut the word off and bring it to the next line?
I have the max_line length set, and it works if there are separate words - but not for bigger words…

Thanks in advance!

Do you want to do it automatically with a dynamic text or would you define where it should break manually? The first one would for sure be more complicated and require some coding. The latter is possible by using \n where you want the line to break. So for example:

first line\nsecond line
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Hi Jan, I did indeed needed the prior one - to automatically break the words.
But I got it done, somebody wrote a script for me and it works. Thanks for your response!

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