How to identify memory limits / problems?


I am trying to run a flow where I read a file of 83,000 lines.
My machine should be able to handle it (MacStudio, 64GB of ram) - but I’m uncertain if I configured N8n (thorugh npm) correctly.

When I launch this particular flow, it just freezes N8N

When I force quit it and relaunch it through the terminal, if I didn’t close the n8n window, I end up with this message.

CleanShot 2023-09-25 at 17.11.18

I have tried “export NODE_OPTIONS=–max_old_space_size=16000”
but havent met any more success.

The flow itself is not complicated:

1 seems to pause problem of memory
2 is the JS node where I actually process a lot of information and generate HTML, links, export tables
3 is the file I’m trying to load (1,23m)

Any pointer of where I should be looking at would be appreciated

Could you share what this code node’s code looks like?

Also make sure that the nr of items is visible on the lines by spreading the nodes out a bit more.

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That seems to be only part of it. Not including the part of the code node you say you think is causing it. :wink:

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