How to implement the ability to upload and download files using Supabase?

Hello to all! And happy holidays everyone!
I want to implement the ability to upload and download files using Supabase.
I read their documentation (Storage | Supabase) and couldn’t figure it out on my own (.
Can anyone help find a solution to such a problem?

Hey @Roket,

What do you have so far and what error are you seeing?

In theory using the HTTP Request node and adding your supabase key to the headers should do it but I have not played with the storage option yet from n8n.

@Jon , hey! I still do not understand where and how to make this HTTP request).
Can you help me?

Fyi there is a node that is currently wip and which will be released soon: Supabase node by RicardoE105 · Pull Request #2549 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub


@jan , Hey! Tell me, how long does it take to go into production for a Supabase node?
If it takes months, is there any workaround now?
In general, the task before me is:

  1. A user at Appsmith sends a webhook with a request to generate a document to n8n.
  2. Inside n8n a Google Document is created using a template with substitution of values ​​-> The PDF document is downloaded through the Google Drive node (many thanks for this feature in the latest version to you and @RicardoE105) → The document is uploaded to Supabase.
  3. Appsmith downloads this document from Supabase.

I tried with FTP, everything worked, except for the last third point, Appsmith does not download the document.
I did an experiment with Supabase (downloaded manually and got the link) and it worked.

Maybe it can be done in a simpler way or in a different way?