How to install and configure a private node locally in Linux?

Hello, I have a custom node in the company and I can’t publish it on npm because of competitors.
I created the custom folder in /usr/lib/node_modules/n8n/custom/ and saved the custom node folder inside it, but it didn’t work. The official documentation shows how to do this in Docker, but there is no practical example of how to do this directly in Linux.

I also did the following test: I created a .env file with the variable
N8N_CUSTOM_EXTENSIONS=/custom/node_modules/n8n-nodes-custom/dist/ I restarted n8n and it still doesn’t recognize my custom node.

How do I configure my n8n in Ubuntu 20.04 so that the nodes I save in the custom folder are automatically recognized by n8n?


Hey @leomangueira,

We don’t use the node modules for custom nodes anymore.

Can you set N8N_CUSTOM_EXTENSIONS to the path of the custom folder in the users home directory and restart n8n to see if that works.

In that folder place your nodes project folder and make sure it also contains the dist folder. If that doesn’t work check the debug log and see if there is any output.

This is the folder of my custom node, in this case do you leave these project files in the custom folder or just the dist folder?

It just needs to be the n8n-nodes-oraclesql folder and contents, it may work with just the dist folder but I always include the full thing.

You could also publish the node as a private package and use npm to install the node into the nodes folder.

I did the tests by saving the project folder in /custom, I also tried saving just the dist folder and adjusted the .env to N8N_CUSTOM_EXTENSIONS=/custom/ or
or N8N_CUSTOM_EXTENSIONS=/custom/n8n-nodes-oraclesql/
none of the options worked.
publishing private packages on npm only exists on the paid plan, unfortunately I can’t use it

Interesting, can you share your node? It could be that it isn’t loading because the node has an issue.

I managed to solve it, it was a problem on the node, thanks for the tip

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