How to install in Hestia CP?

Hestia CP is the administrator of my vps, this one on Ubuntu 20.04, it is a VPS with 2 gigs of ram. I want to know how to install n8n on the Ubuntu server or through Hestia CP.

Welcome to the community @Alex_Hurtado_MKTD!

I have no experience with Hestia CP so can sadly not be of much help here. Maybe somebody else in the community knows. If nobody answers, I would advise looking online for guides that explain how to run Node.js applications with Hestia CP. That gives you then at least a starting point combined with our Server Setup Guide here:

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Hi @Alex_Hurtado_MKTD

Hestia CP is same like Vesta CP and other VPS Control panel? If yes.

Do they offer Docker Installation?

Note: Installing n8n via Docker is very easier than you think.


Hi @Alex_Hurtado_MKTD

I recommend you to follow next article:

It explains how to install nodejs with pm2 support in your hestiacp enabled host.

Additionally, you can follow next entry to configure n8n as a pm2 service

Hope this helps.