How to install n8n to get access to its admin interface on

I have domain
I don’t want to get access to admin interface of n8n via
How to install n8n to get access to its admin interface via

What do I mean. If I open in browser I see login form, after logging in I see dashboard or so on and its URL is some kind of

Sorry if I make mistake in naming internal n8n pages.

  1. What problems can such installation cause?
    For example:
    Will n8n be able to create correct links to its sections like a or so on?
    Will the webhook catcher node be able to catch incoming webhook?

  2. Is it possible to do such installation without reverse-proxy (like a Nginx)?

Just a short update. Running n8n on a subfolder is non-trivial. For that reason am I making currently changes to make that easier in the future. I finally got almost everything running correctly. Will update here once a version is available that can do that.

Did commit now everything which is necessary. Will release a version which supports that the next days.

Thats great! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:
Thak you!

In what folder does n8n install by default? I would know a full path.
It stores all the assets (icons, js-files, fonts, svgs, png-files) in that folder, is it right?

Sorry do not understand. Install on your system (-> Depends)? Folder it made available via the web (-> always / so no folder)?

Internal folder of Linux.
For example:

That is sadly impossible to answer.

Assuming you use npm:

  • If you do “npm install n8n” it would be the folder you are currently in.
  • If you do “npm install n8n -g” then wherever your operating system installs globally installed npm packages. A short Google search should however answer that question quite easily.

What if I install n8n using this command:

npx n8n

In what folder will the n8n be installed?

npx does “install” packages only temporary or uses the only from the node_modules of your current directory as far as I know.
Where that temporary files live, I do not know and depends again on your operating system. This is not n8n functionality for that reason is it better to ask such questions for example here:

They are npm/npx experts and can help you there better than any of us.

Got released with [email protected]

Here an example how to run n8n in a subfolder:

Can I install n8n to subfolder only using docker?
Or also using npx and npm?

Yes that is also possible. It is not important how you install n8n, it is only important that you configure it correctly via environment variables. Which ones to set can however be found in the above docker example.