How to know about updates?

I wonder … can I configure some kind of update notification in n8n? I realized there was an update because I read about the addition of a module - otherwise I would not have known.

Yes, something like that is on the roadmap. n8n will then check automatically if a new version exists and then display a message in the editor-UI.
Until that got implemented it is however best to follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Thx … I added Facebook … 0.90 is not announced :wink:

Hi @daniello,

Some time ago I made a workflow to check Github feed of the n8n project and get notified by Telegram and email.

Now it’s shared at

Hope this helps you! :wink:



Thank you!

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Yes our designer was out on Friday for that reason did to announcement not happen.

@Miquel_Colomer really cool!

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