How to know about updates?

I wonder … can I configure some kind of update notification in n8n? I realized there was an update because I read about the addition of a module - otherwise I would not have known.

Yes, something like that is on the roadmap. n8n will then check automatically if a new version exists and then display a message in the editor-UI.
Until that got implemented it is however best to follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Thx … I added Facebook … 0.90 is not announced :wink:

Hi @daniello,

Some time ago I made a workflow to check Github feed of the n8n project and get notified by Telegram and email.

Now it’s shared at

Hope this helps you! :wink:



Thank you!

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Yes our designer was out on Friday for that reason did to announcement not happen.

@Miquel_Colomer really cool!

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hi @Miquel_Colomer the link to your workflow returns 404. Did you take it down?

Hi @hawk, welcome to the community :tada:

This most likely got hidden when the n8n website was updated, I am so sorry for the trouble this causes :frowning:

Seeing the workflow still does the job from the looks of it, I’ve fetched it from our database. Here it is :

Please note that it’s been two years since this workflow was built, so it’s using nodes that aren’t available in new workflows anymore (the Cron node has been replaced with the Schedule node, the Function node with a Code node). It should still work though.

Hope this helps!

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