How to know the last version of n8n embed in the windows app


I am using the Windows app during my creation of workflows, or for some case with local files.

I can see the version of n8n embed in settings.

But I can’t find where I can read the last version of N8N embed in the app for windows.

I have some proxy issue at work, I would like to check if the last update succeded.

Thank you,

Hey @JulienDelRio,

The Desktop app doesn’t get the notifications of a new release and won’t self update so it would be a case of checking the website for a new version. If it helps looking at the download page the latest version is 0.209.4 which is Desktop version 1.9.0

Ok thank you for the feedback.

Is the windows app updated each time the npn version is updated ?

Hey @JulienDelRio,

It is not, I think we try to update the windows app monthly but if there is an issue we will hold off on the release so that the desktop app remains a bit more stable.

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Just to give some more color, why we can not also release weekly.

Releasing Desktop, is a very manual and time-consuming process. For that reason, would a weekly release cycle be too much. Also it it important to understand that Dekstop is mainly meant so that people can give n8n a spin. It is not meant for long-term production use. There we recommend self-hosting n8n via Docker or n8n cloud.


Ok. Thank you for the details, I understand.

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