How to log in to the site?

Good day!
Try to parse site, but don’t understand, what i need to indicate in http request node.
Basic auth and others dont work.
Can you help me please

Hey @artemik83,

Sometimes it isn’t that easy, As that site uses a login form you would need to post the login data to the authentication page then follow the redirects.

It looks like they use a request verification token as well to try and prevent automated login attempts so you may not be able to get this to work.

As a starting point you would need to open your browser and use the network tools to follow the requests when you login to find out what you need to send once you have that you will need to see if you can somehow get the request verification token as well.

So a quick look shows the URL is…

And you need to send the 3 below options as form encoded data


I have no idea if this will actually work as expected though so it might be worth thinking about something like Puppeteer or asking them if they can provide an API

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i cant understand, how to send __RequestVerificationToken to the site :frowning:

You wouldn’t use credentials in the node they would be sent as body properties, Sadly I don’t have a workflow that will just work for this one.

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