How to make a GET request with a Body Param


I’m connecting to an API, and they used params in the body for GET requests (I don’t think it’s a good idea… and I’m asking to make an evolution to accept query params).

I didn’t find anything in the HTTP Request node, only options for query params.

I tried the “JSON/RAW parameters” to see if it was translated in the body, but no.

Is there a way to do this ?

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Could you please link the API docs for this? Maybe we can find a workaround this way.

You are right, this does seem odd!

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This is a private API, I can’t share anything on this…

What I can tell you is that the endpoint signature expect a body containing the “query” params, in a json format.

If you transform your json in a string like { "myParam" : "hello", "myOtherParam" : "world" } in ?myParam=hello&myOtherParam=world, that won’t work.

But if you use in a body (with curl, got or tools like Insomnia), it’s working.

Very sorry @mdartic but that is sadly not possible with n8n. GET requests do normally not have bodies for that reason is that sadly also not supported by n8n.

You’re perfectly right, and you don’t have to be sorry :wink:

I was just asking, in case of.

I’m gonna ask the API’s developers to normalize their endpoint.

Thanks for your support !

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