How to make my webhooks become HTTPS

Hi everyone!

I just installed n8n on my server and everything seems working fine except webhooks.

They do work but some apps (specifically Shopify) refuses to send data to webhooks starting by HTTP, it only allows to send data to webhooks starting by HTTPS.

For now, my webhooks URL looks like http://{{my_server_IP}}/webhook/shopify
I would like to change it to https://{{my_server_IP}}/webhook/shopify

I noticed that the desktop version of n8n attributes a random webhook starting by HTTPS like “”. Would it be possible to have such an autogenerated webhook on a self hosted version of n8n.

Thx by advance!

  • n8n version: 0.204.0
  • Default DB
  • Running on a Ubuntu instance with Docker

Hey @Anthony_CAVALIER,

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Did you set the webhook_url environment variable to match your domain? Typically HTTPS won’t work very with just an IP address.

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This isn’t really an n8n specific issue so much as it is your server configuration. A recommended setup would be to have a reverse proxy e.g. Traefik or NGINX in front of your server that handles TLS termination.

There is plenty of documentation available here, depending on your desired setup: Server setups - n8n Documentation


Indeed it might probably be a server configuration issue as I’m a total beginner in server configuration.

Actually it’s under a simple IPV4 and no domain or subdomain.

I’ll also check the documentation!

Thanks for your ansewers!

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Best to follow one of our server setup guides. They all make sure that n8n runs via https:


Hi Jan! Thank you for the documentation! I’m taking a look at it right now!

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