How to make the HTTP Request work WELL via an http proxy?

I’ve seen this post about problems with the axios browser here Http request proxy fails

It proposes rollback to a previous version of the library.

Any way to do this in the n8n Desktop version? I’m also having problems routing requests. In my case via TOR.

  • I have a TOR node at home with GitHub - dperson/torproxy - It’s making an http proxy.
  • I perfectly works from CURL in the command line.
  • Nevertheless SOME requests do not work whilst other do:

To repeat the failure

In the comand line those 2 lines work:

This works:

curl -s                -s | xmllint --html --xpath //table -
curl -s --proxy http://tor:8118 -s | xmllint --html --xpath //table -

Nevertheless in n8n:

Question 1

Can anyone request via a TOR proxy in the n8n Desktop version?

Question 2

What can I do to make the n8n Desktop version work with something as simple as an HTTP request via proxy?

FYI: downgrading my fan-level from 10 to 9. Too slow to get “something super-basic working fine”.

Axios definitely has problems proxying HTTPS requests over HTTP proxies. It should use the CONNECT method and tunnel the TCP traffic, however it doesn’t and sends your https request directly to the proxy :man_facepalming:


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