How to merge items b/w runs


I wanted to make scrapper for job listing and it work just fine, but it looks like it would return only last page ;/
I am not sure what’s wrong but maybe the set merger is wrong set up ;/


Online output:
Example output (for future users if link does not work): pastefile1 ·

Thanks in advance for tips ;))

You’d need an actual merge node (or actually two) - otherwise each item lists node would call the final Set node individually.

Check out this example:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Does it work on your instance? Because on my return 3 items ;/

Tbh, I haven’t looked at the rest of the workflow, just at the merge problem :see_no_evil:

You’re right, it returns three items, but this seems to be expected. There are only three values returned by your HTML Extract 2 node, the other arrays are empty:

Which data exactly are you missing?

If you’re looking to extract data from Praca Python | Praca IT | Zdalnie | Sierpień | No Fluff Jobs, you might want to take a look at the network request made by that page. It could be easier to process the JSON data provided by this API rather than build a web scraper. Something like this perhaps:

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You are life saver :smiley:

Thanks that helped a lot <3

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No worries, and sorry for my initial confusion. Clearly it’s time to stop working for the week :smiley:

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